Harri Halttunen Year of birth: 1966
Languages Finnish (mother tongue), English
Constant updating of knowledge in areas of ICT technology and programming. I have also participated in several courses during the whole career depending on my tasks. Here are some topics:
- Project management
- Marketing
- Customer care
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Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences 1987 - 1991 Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Lohjan Ammattioppilaitos (Vocational school of Lohja) 1982 - 1984 Electronics technician
Main interests
Design and programming as well as process development for better business value, code health and quality.

Motto: Today I want to be better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow.
I am disciplined and systematic and have good problem solving abilites having always the business value as one of the top decision factors. I am eager to learn new skills and have good pedagogical skills. I have a deep understanding of the meaning and benefits of systematic work (i.e. coordination, management, issue tracking, releasing policy, source code management, binary artifact management, etc.). I also understand, sometimes complex, dependencies between quality and profit.

Code samples: Java Agent Tools (or Java Agent Tools in GitHub)
Programming languages Java, Groovy, C++, C#, C, SQL, Assembler, Pascal, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Erlang
Operating systems Windows XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, CentOS
Databases Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
Application servers IBM WebSphere, WebLogic and some experiments with Apache Geronimo and JBoss
Tools VMWare Lab Manager, VMWare Player, VMWare Fusion, Eclipse, Maven2, Ant, Continuum, Archiva, JUnit, TestNG, Subversion, CVS, Git, Guice, ASM, JSF 2.0, GWT, Hibernate, Cygwin, Apache2, Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Confluence, Jira, Crucible, Fisheye, Cobertura, PMD, Find Bugs, Visual .NET, MS Visual C++, MS eMbedded Visual C++. Also Word and Excel programming with Visual Basic.
Profit Software Oy 1997 - ?
2004 - ? Software engineer and development environment architect
In the beginning of 2004 I returned back to my real expertise area which are design, programming and development process methodologies.
My tasks includes designing and developing stand-alone Java and J2EE applications as well as developing working methodologies to achieve better business value, code health and quality.
2001 - 2004 Key account manager
I had many different titles but the most important task was to maintain and especially to develop a good, confidential and stable relationship with the one of the leading life insurance companies.
Skills I had learned in the past played, of course, the great role but probably the biggest advantages were good social skills.
1997 - 2001 Software engineer
I started my working career in Profit Software by maintaining a major Finnish insurance company's proposal calculation software. After that I began to design and implement a proposal and sale application for one of the leading life insurance companies. This software is still in production in time of writing (2010-08-31).
A successful working required, in addition to project management and software engineering knowledge, some knowledge of risk and life insurance business as well as ability to learn and adapt new things quickly.
Enermet Oy 1992 - 1997
1992 - 1997 Software engineer
I made a research of user interface techniques by using object oriented technologies and methods. In addition to that I designed and implemented processes on electricity measuring systems. I invented the method to examine the status and progression of the application (process) "on the fly".
To achieve the goals of the given tasks the knowledge of electricity measurement methods, user interface design methodologies and communication protocols was required. Also, it was necessary to have a deep knowledge and understanding of interprocess communication and concurrency programming.
Salcomp Oy 1985 - 1991
1987 - 1991 Software engineer (during studies)
Tasks: Designing and implementing software for electronic measuring devices as well as building and maintaining those devices.
Required skills: Pascal, C and Assembler as well as knowledge of electronics and TV technology.
1985 - 1987 Electronics technician
Tasks: Building and maintaining electronic measuring devices.
Required skills: Knowledge of electronics and TV technology.
Vesto Oy 1984 - 1984
1984 - 1984 Construction worker
Tasks: Sewer network construction.
Required skills: Ability to learn things quickly because I didn't have any education for construction work.
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