JMX Tools
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JMX Tools have utilities to read and change logging level of Java loggers (java.util.logging.Logger) and log4j loggers (org.apache.log4j.Logger) on the run. Also, there is an utility to start a JMX agent on the run in Java 6.

Issue tracking is in the respective GitHub repository!
Documentation Description Downloads Sources
loglevel Lists and sets the logging level of Java Loggers (java.util.logging.Logger) and optionally log4j loggers (org.apache.log4j.Logger) on the run. Requires Java 5 or later. loglevel.jar loglevel in GitHub
startjmx startjmx is a small utility to start a JMX agent of the target JVM without restarting it. Works only on Java 6 or later. startjmx.jar startjmx in GitHub
Log4j JMX Support Log4j JMX Support is an utility library to add JMX support for log4j. log4j-jmx-support-1.1.0.jar Log4jJMXSupport in GitHub
Log4j JMX Support Agent Delegate Adds a JMX support for log4j in the case where the source code is not available. Requires General Java Agent, Log4j JMX Support and ASM 3.x libraries. log4j-jmx-support-delegate-1.0.0.jar Log4jJMXSupportAgentDelegate in GitHub
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