Java Agent Tools
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Java Agent Tools have a general Java Agent to do the hard work for you as well as some useful delegate modules for the Java Agent. For more information about Java agents see java.lang.instrument package documentation. Notice that these tools require Java 5 or later.

Issue tracking is in the respective GitHub repository!
Documentation Description Library Sources
General Java Agent A general Java agent to do all the tricks for you. You can concentrate on the real work instead of thinking of classloading and configuration problems. agent-2.1.1.jar Java Agent in GitHub
TimeMachine delegate TimeMachine is a delegate module for the General Java Agent to shift system time without touching the system clock. Requires General Java Agent and ASM 3.x libraries. timemachine-delegate-2.0.0.jar Timemachine in GitHub
Log4j JMX Support Agent Delegate Adds a JMX support for log4j in the case where the source code is not available. Requires General Java Agent, Log4j JMX Support and ASM 3.x libraries. log4j-jmx-support-delegate-1.0.0.jar Log4jJMXSupportAgentDelegate in GitHub
Field Init Agent Delegate FieldInitAgentDelegate can be used to set initial values for member variables without touching the source code of the target class. This is useful for testing purpouses where some specific initial values may be required instead of the default values. Requires General Java Agent and ASM 3.x libraries. field-init-agent-delegate-1.0.0.jar FieldInitAgentDelegate in GitHub
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