My musical interests

My main genre is metal music but in addition I listen various genres like:

  • hard rock
  • rock
  • blues
  • ambient
  • modern folk
  • world music
  • a little bit jazz

I am not too interested in pop, electronic or classical music. Maybe some day, though.

My own music

To listen my music go to ReverbNation:


My "studio"

Here are my hardware, software and books:
Item Comment
iMac 27" Quad Core 2, 32 GB RAM, 3TB Fusion drive, Mac OS X 10.10.x
Duet A portable audio interface by Apogee.
POD xt Live A guitar effect by Line6.
Variax 300 The modeling guitar.
Takamine Acoustic guitar. Bought around 20 years ago and still going strong.
Raimundo mod. 128 Acoustic guitar with nylon strings.
Yamaha BB414 Bass Yamaha's 4 string electric bass.
sE2200a Condenser microphone. A very good microphone with a reasonable price. I don't know is it a merit or not but Amy Winehouse has recorded some of her albums using this microphone.
AKG C 3000 B Condenser microphone.
Beyerdynamic DT770 Closed headphones for monitoring.
Genelec 8020A Monitor speakers by Genelec.
Keyboard Keystation 88es. Full-size keyboard by M-Audio.
Hammer action keyboard Keystation Pro 88. Another full-size keyboard but with hammer action keys by M-Audio.
Trigger Finger Drum control surface by M-Audio.
Logic Pro A sequencer software by Apple.
Reneissance Maxx Effect plugins by Waves.
EZDrummer Sampled drum library by Toontrack. I also own all the expansion packs. I think this is the best piece of software for mouse drummers.
S2.0 A newer version of sampled drum library by Toontrack. I'll say this plug-in re-created standards for sampled drums. Absolutely faboulous. And it supports EZDrummer libraries also.
GearBox plug-in Use your POD guitar effect as a plug-in.
Trilian Sampled bass plug-in. Very good sound and pretty easy to use.
Ivory Grand Pianos If you want great piano sounds then this is the plug-in for you… at least it works for me.
Ivory Upright Pianos Very nice upright pianos. Especially I like the barroom upright.
Vienna Instruments Special Edition Very good symphony orchesta sample library with reasonable price ticket on it.
Melodyne Great vocal editing tool by Celemony.
Mixing Engineer's Handbook (Publisher: Thomson Course Tecnology, ISBN: 1-59863-251-5) A good book which describes all secrets of mixing. The real value is hidden into this book in the form of interviews with the real mixing professionals.
Mixing Audio; Concepts, Practices and Tools (Publisher: Focal Press ISBN: 978-0-240-52068-1) The book of mixing, if you ask me. In addition to teaching how things should be done, this book explains all the theories behind it. Also, a DVD with samples is included. Gives a very good value of money.

Hope to have my CD collection here some day.

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