EiA Economy Sheet Generator Manual

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EiA Economy Sheet Generator & Calculator is a tool to create economy sheets and calculate your purchases for Empires In Arms board game. To use it you need OpenOffice 3.1 or newer.

Color coding

Only different shades of gray are used to keep these sheets printable. Richer color coding could have been used to point out editable fields but I think it is quite obvious without that anyway.

However, for numbers there is a minor exception to the above policy. Positive numbers and zero are shown in black and negative numbers are in red.

Document protection

All the non-editable cells are protected (i.e. locked) so that they cannot be accidentally changed. This is important so that formulas in the cells are not accidentally overwritten or deleted.

However, if you are interested in the inner logic of the tool or want to make any changes there you can unprotect the sheet. Sheets are protected without a password.

If you create your own version of this document and want to distribute it I ask you to name it differently to distinguish your work from mine. It is also preferable to change the outlook as well.



In the upper part of the sheet you write down all the money and manipulation. Only the white cells are editable. In the lower part you only set number of different force types and the sheet automatically calculates total cost in money and manipulation for you.

Economy sheet

Economy sheet is used only for printing economy sheets for the nations. By changing A1 cell the economy sheet changes accordingly. A1 cell recognises the following abbreviations (case insensitive):

  • TU = Turkey
  • FR = France
  • RU = Russia
  • AU = Austria
  • BR = Great Britain
  • SP = Spain
  • PR = Prussia

After writing the abbreviation the sheet is adjusted accordingly and is ready for the printing.

You don't have to remember the abbreviations because they are also in the note in A1 cell. Just leave a cursor on cell A1 for awhile and the note appers to you.


This is only a helper tab which is used for the other two.


Combat Result Calculator is based on the rules and errata and was inspired by the resources found from http://eia.xnetz.com/.

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